Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thomas Jefferson in his own words

After spending a long weekend in Charlottesville, VA, and taking in Monticello, UVa and Jefferson's summer home at Poplar Forest, Forest, VA. I was again inspired by this great thinker and Renaissance man. From time to time I will quote him in this forum.

From the book "The Man: In his own words" edited by R C Baron we have Jefferson's feeling on Religion:

In a letter dated Jan. 29th, 1815 to Rev. Charles Clay a minister in Williamsburg he writes:

"I abuse the priests indeed who have so much abused the pure and holy doctrines of their master and who have laid me under no obligations of reticence as to the tricks of their trade. The genuine system of Jesus and the artificial structures they erected to make him the instrument of wealth, power, and preeminence to themselves are as distinct things in my view as light and darkness."

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