Friday, September 19, 2008

Visit to a Topiary Garden in Bishopsville, SC

A Man Named Pearl

Today was something of a special day. We drove with Michael and Madison to visit a humble man from a small sleepy southern town in South Carolina. The town of Bishopsville may be known as the home of the Cotton Museum and also the birthplace of Heisman Trophy winner Felix "Doc" Blanchard. But today the town may be most memorable for a quiet creative gardner. His name is Pearl Fryar and after a career in the local soda can producing industry he retired six years ago to devote his full attention to the creative masterpiece in his 3 acre back yard.

Back in 1984 Pearl sought to win the local "yard of the month" contest, but what started out as a small project grew into this life long hobby and full time dedication. People from all around come and visit his garden. He charges no admission, but does accept donations. When home he seems unrushed and will chat it up with you as he did us today.

A feature film/documentary entitled "A Man Named Pearl" is currently playing at independent theaters around the country and for 2008 at the Heartland Film Festival he won the Audience Choice Award and was also awarded the Audience Award a the Salem Film Festival. For more on the movie visit:

For more on Pearl's topiary garden visit:

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