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Professional Monopolies in Medicine / Drs. Baerlocher, Detsky, JAMA 2/25/2009

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Enjoyed the commentary in this month's JAMA on Professional Monopolies in Medicine. How it affects me is in EM. I am not EM residency trained or EM board certified but have a stellar 17+ year career in Emergency Medicine both as a clinician and in leadership roles. Non-the-less many hospitals are bamboozled into writing bylaws that prohibit anyone other than an EM-trained BC/BE physician from stepping foot into the department to take care of patients. What is worse I am prohibited by the boards to sit for the exam. I have essentially be constructively evicted from many Emergency Departments.

The blame is in part due to ACEP and it's lobbing that no one outside their organization is adept at servicing ED clients. That is absurd, false and constitutes a monopoly in that field of medicine. It severely limits my ability to work in my field of "specialty" as I face more and more hospitals limiting my ability to apply. In a time of physician shortages (only to get worse in the future) society needs to demand from medical societies that they loosen their grip and set aside their self serving agendas to better serve humanity.

JP Saleeby, MD
Medical Director
Marlboro Park Hospital ED
Bennettsville, SC

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