Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some prominent Saleebys: Eliyya & Kalib Saleeby

Saleeby, Eleyya (Metropolitan Archbishop of Beirut) was born in Souk El-Gharb in 1881, and was elected Bishop in 1926 for the Archdiocese of Beirut. He was made Metropolitan Archbishop of Beirut in 1936 after the passing of Bishop Gerasimous Msarrá. Archbishop Eleyya was a cornerstone of the town and the region. He believed in Lebanon, in freedom and peaceful coexistence of sects and religions. He worked for the Palestinian cause and for Jerusalem. He dedicated his efforts on improving Greek Orthodox schools and in sending seminarians for further theological education abroad.

Salim George Khalaf
"A Bequest Unearthed, Phoenicia"

Saleeby, Kalib/ Ghalib (MD) was born in Souk El-Gharb in 1876 and studied in its school. He left to Scotland where he completed his medical studies. He pioneered and excelled in the study of Eugenics -- improvement of human development and evolution. He participated in the establishment of the world renowned Lancet Medical Journal in London. He published dozens of volumes in English such as: Improve Human Reproduction, Health Strength and Happiness, Success of Modern Surgery, He established theories in nutrition, later to be known as the study of vitamins. He is considered one of the greatest scientific writers and reformers by British Scientific circles.

Source: http://phoenicia.org/souk_el_gharb_bmakine.html

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