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Shelby Farris interviews Dr. Saleeby

Shelby Farris a high school student in South Carolina (and daughter of one of the ER nurses I work with at Marlboro Park Hospital) interviewed me last month for a school project. What follows is the interview:


Bibliographic Information:
I planned to interview a physician or physician’s assistant from Marlboro Park Hospital in South Carolina.

Name: Dr. Saleeby
Date: December 20th, 2007

1. Have you always wanted to be a Physician, if yes –why? And if no, then what did you want to be and why?
~ He said when he was younger he either wanted to be in architecture or in the medical field. He was influenced to be in the medical field by a lot of his teachers and through learning about biology and chemistry.

2. Do you have any medical interests outside of your primary job?
~He said that his full time job is an E.R physician but he also has a private practice in which is preventative medicine. With this he practices integrated medicine or CAM which integrates traditional American preventative medicine and Eastern medicine with herbology.

3. What do you dislike most about your career?
~He said he dislikes the high pressure he is put under and the high expectations of patients and families.

4. Can you explain the tasks you perform on a daily basis while working?
~Dr.Saleeby said that on a daily basis he performs physical exams and listens to the patient’s medical history, he has to keep his knowledge of medicine fresh and keep his focus on at all times when working so he can make correct diagnosis, he has to order tests, sometimes suture patients, and he puts splints on patients regularly.

5. Can you explain one of the most difficult things you have had to deal with while working?
~He said one of the most difficult things he has had to deal with is patient death and explaining things to the family, and one of the most difficult procedures he performs is putting in chest tubes.

6. How many years of school did you take and was it difficult?
~He said that he did 4 years undergraduate, 4 years med school, and 1 year of post graduate and that it was difficult.

7. What college did you attend and why did you choose that college?
~He said that he attended Georgia tech and Georgia State because he was near that area and liked the medical program there.

8. What advice would you give a potential student entering the medical field?
~He said that you really have to have a passion for this and not to ever pick a career for the money because it will make you unhappy. He also said you have to be very focused.

9. What is the area of medicine you most enjoy and why?
~He said he most enjoys the preventative medicine, counseling patients, and teaching.

10. What do you do outside of you career?
~He said he likes to write, collect cards, travel, and he loves good cuisine and wine.

Dr. Saleeby had written a book on herbology called “Wonder Herbs”. He has influenced me to further pursue my future career as a PA or Physician.

- Shelby Farris

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